Easter basket game!

Since everyone is pretty much stuck at home, and Easter is right around the corner, I know a lot of Easter egg hunts have been canceled, so I have decided to have an Easter Egg Basket hunt everyday until Easter April 12th!! Everyday will be a different Prize unless the previous basket hasn’t been found then it will stay the same until all the prizes have been found!! How Fun!!

I have "Hidden" this basket picture with an item in my shop! Can you find it??

PLEASE NOTE: To claim the prize (the ONLY way to claim it), add the Easter basket to your cart (its $0.00) and checkout, complete the checkout, once it has been "checked out" the basket has been claimed and will show "Out of Stock". Emailing or messaging me saying you have found the Easter basket will NOT work, checking out the basket is the ONLY way to win prizes.

Be sure to check the announcement bar on the top of our website each day. I will post if the Basket has been claimed and when the new basket has been hidden each day!

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