About us

Owner/Designer Jennifer and CEO Bandit

Welcome to Paws N Claws Couture!! I got started by wanting so many different styles and patterns of collars and leashes for our cats and dogs and not being able to find just what we wanted for all the different holidays and seasons! I finally just sat down and picked out different patterns I liked but couldn't find anywhere else and just started making collars, leashes, bandanas, scarves and anything else you could think of, and now I want to pass them on to you! I take great pride in finding patterns, especially for different seasons and holidays that you just cant find anywhere else and that will fit you and your pets personalities and likes!

All Paws N Claws Couture items are handmade especially for you from Eastern North Carolina. I take a lot of pride in my work and strive to make stunning and unique items for you and your fur baby to fall in love with!

I cant wait to start working with you and seeing your pets in Paws N Claws Couture products!