FAQs for 2021

Please read if you have any questions, we find it necessary after this past Holiday to update our Shop. These are in place so we can run our shop smoothly, get out items to you as quickly as possible and stay open for business, Every Small business has been impacted this year negatively, including us and we want to keep things running smooth and keep a great connection with our customers, and keep you happy as well, Thank you for understanding.

Do you ship overseas?

No, we currently do not ship outside of the United States, reason is with the time it takes to go thru customs with COVID can be over a month and we do not want orders getting lost or taking to long to be delivered to you.

How long will it take to process my order?

It depends on the time of the order, if it is a regular business day it can take 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday), if it is a high sales day OR holiday it can take anywhere between 10-15 days, Im one person sewing orders and processing them, please do not send emails asking when you will get your order, it takes longer to and more time away from me to look up your order when I can be working on them and getting them out to you. Once it has shipped you will receive the Tracking in your shipment email.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use First Class USPS, Once your order has been picked up, we have no control over your package, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, if you have questions about your tracking, please call the postal system 1.800.275.8777 select the carrier option and speak with a customer representative, we will no longer be calling them on orders. Please note over the holidays package delivery time will be longer, we have NO control over transit times.

Can I return my product?

We do NOT issue refunds, no exception, being a small business we are not at the point to do so, if you are not happy with your item as long as its within 5 days from your delivery date we can work on an exchange.

I Placed an order yesterday and you have a sale today can I get the sale price on my order? 

We are sorry but we do not do price adjustments on past orders for sales.

I forgot to add the promo code can you adjust my order?

Promo codes MUST BE ENTERED AT CHECKOUT, we do not adjust orders after they have been placed, if you have a promo code but you don't know where to enter it, or for some reason it doesn't work, please contact us BEFORE you complete checkout.

My package says delivered but I haven't received it what do I do?

Any questions regarding your Package after it has shipped needs to be directed to your local postal service, after it has left my hands I have no control over it, if any packages unfortunately have been stolen, I am not responsible. Thank you for understanding.

My collar is fading or broke can I get a replacement or refund?

If it is within 5 days from delivery, yes we can send a replacement if something happens. We do not issue refunds, no exceptions on this. Anything after 5 days is considered wear and tear,  not any defect with my workmanship, each collar or bandana wears different with each pet, if your pet is very active your pattern may wear out sooner then others, Some will last years, it all depends on your pet and how you care for your items.

Can I exchange an item?

Please see our Exchange policy.

Can I get a promo code?

We do not give out promo codes over messages or by email, if there are promo codes available they will be listed on our social media or when you receive a email newsletter. Thank you for understanding

I Placed multiple orders Can you combine them?

We are sorry we are no longer combining orders, if you place multiple orders, you will receive multiple packages.

Side Notes:

Due to a few customers, after issues we have had over events that we have no control over, any order that tries to do any chargebacks will be banned from our store, after the issue, if any arise, will have all future orders canceled, we will also pursue defamation suits if we find any reviews or posts making false claims about our shop. Thank you for understanding, I am one person running this small business and we would like to keep a great connection with our customers and keep offering our handmade products, but rude customers will no longer be tolerated.