• Lucky Hats Bow Tie
  • Lucky Hats Bow Tie

Lucky Hats Bow Tie

Sizes (are approx):

XS & S: 4.5 x 2"
M: 5.5 x 3”
XL & L: 6.5 x 4"

Listing is for one bow tie. 

Bow Tie Info:
-Color can slightly differ between the picture and the actual item.
-Made from 100% cotton fabric and interfacing to keep your bow tie crisp and in shape with elastic bands. Each bow tie is hand sewn.
-For easy use and comfort, each bow tie slides onto collar with 2 elastic bands.
-The bow tie is not to be used as a chew toy. This is an accessory product and should only be worn by your dog when supervised.
-Spot Remove and Stains or dirt maintain the longevity of your bow tie.

XS & S Bow Ties Slide on 3/8" and 5/8" Collars Only.

M Bow Ties Slide on 1" Collars Only.

XL & L Bow Ties Slide on 1.5" and 1" Collars Only.

Cats and Smaller Dogs can wear XS & S Bow Ties.

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